Undergraduate Courses

With the exception of Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine and Architecture, degree courses in England and Wales are 3 years long, and 4 years long in Scotland. To apply you will need to go through the Universities and Collages Admissions System (UCAS), which limits the number of applications and has certain deadlines and requirements that you must meet. There is also a small fee. As this can be confusing and mistakes easily made, please talk to your counsellor and accept their advice on completing the UCAS application.


In some management, tourism or engineering courses, students often have the option of studying a sandwich course; this is a 4 year programme with one year based in industry. Popular courses that can include a year in industry include tourism (students often go and work in their own country), art and design, management and engineering. If a student opts for this kind of programme, they will have a chance to apply what they have learned, but will have to write up a report about their experiences at the end of the placement year. These courses are popular as people can gain invaluable experience that can help them with work later on and of course they can also get paid during their placement.

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