Application Procedure and UKEAS services

For any student wishing to study in the UK, it is very important that your application is well prepared. Our counsellors at UKEAS have already helped thousands of students to submit successful applications and realise their goals, and we are here to assist you as well! Every student is unique so it's important that you discuss your case with your UKEAS counsellor. This will ensure that you have a smooth transition to the UK. Below is an outline of the different steps you need to take when applying to a UK school, and how UKEAS can help you. To see a full list of the services that UKEAS can offer you, please click here.

  • Free counselling Service

    In order to help find the right pathway for your study in the UK that meets both your interests and future career plan, your UKEAS counsellor will discuss with you all aspects of your study needs. It is the job of our counsellors to gather information about your motivation and purpose for your studies as well as fully understand your background and circumstances. This will enable both you and your counsellor to confirm the best subject and programme for your overseas studies.

  • Apply Online

    Students wishing to apply for university courses, can now do so via our online application form. After you submit your application, a UKEAS counsellor will review your details and be in touch.

  • Searching for the right school

    Your UKEAS counsellor will recommend some schools that are based on your stated goals and purposes. From here, your counsellor and you will decide together which is the best school for you. You don't have to worry about being forced into choosing a school you don't want. UKEAS are here to help you make the decisions that are right for you, but ultimately the final choice you make is yours.

  • Preparing your documents

    • The application process can be very confusing, but your UKEAS counsellor will make sure that this is as smooth and simple as possible. They will explain to you in detail exactly which application documents you will need to have prepared and can even offer samples and advice on how to prepare them.
    • Once you have prepared the required documents, everything will be checked by your counsellors and they will ensure that all elements are present and correct.
  • Free Application Service

    Once all the application details are ready, we will then submit it through the appropriate online system. There are occasions where applications do require posting (for example, those that contain large portfolios). These will be sent by UKEAS for the cost of the postage. Once the application has been submitted, we offer the facility to track the progress online via our website.

  • Evidence of English ability (IELTS) and Pre-Sessional English Courses

    • Although demonstrating your English ability is an important part of the application process, it is not necessary to apply with an English score at most institutions. Assessing applications can take time, so many universities are happy to receive all documents pertaining to academic achievement and the application will be assessed on this criteria. If the application meets the minimum standard set by the university, the university can issue a conditional offer based on your English ability.
      • If your English grades or the results of your English test fall a little short of the requirements set out by the university, do not despair. Simply contact your UKEAS counsellor who can offer advice and guidance on pre-sessional courses at the universities that you have applied to.
  • Scholarship Opportunities and Interviews with University Representatives

    • Many university courses have hundreds of applications and therefore competition can be fierce. To help you in the process though, UKEAS arranges for hundreds of visits from universities and colleges to visit their offices around the world. Speaking to a representative gives you the chance to show what a strong candidate you are, and can help you secure a place on your course of choice. In addition, you may have a couple of good offers and are not sure where you would like to go. Attending interviews will give you the chance to find out more about the universities and the courses that you have applied to and can help you decide which offer to accept. In addition to individual interviews, we also arrange education exhibitions and group interview sessions.
    • UKEAS, in collaboration with certain UK universities do try to offer a wide range of partial scholarships for students of academic excellence in the different countries in which we operate. Moreover, we are also happy to assist students in their application for a scholarship from other sources and over the years we have developed an enviable track record in helping students secure scholarships. Contact your counsellor for the latest information as regards these opportunities.
  • Arranging Student Accommodation

    Having confirmed and accepted your offer, the next step is securing accommodation. The later this is left, the more arduous it can be, so it is important to try and get this completed as soon as possible. Universities have a wide variety of accommodation to suit the needs of everyone, but the wide selection can be overwhelming. Your counsellor can go through the various halls of residence and give you an insight into the location and the facilities that they each offer to help you make the right decision.

    In addition, UKEAS works with UNITE, the largest provider of dedicated student accommodation in the UK. Talk to your counsellor about the tremendous halls available in the private sector.

  • Visa Application/Flight tickets Booking services

    Applying for the visa can be the most demanding aspect of the process as it is crucial that you have the right documents to ensure that the visa goes through unimpeded. With a wealth of experience in assisting students with the visa process, we at UKEAS will give you every assistance to ensure that you get your visa in a timely manner. In addition we can also help you with your flight arrangements and other travel arrangements such as taxi transfers when you arrive in the UK.

  • Pre-departure Briefing and Preparation

    It is important that before you leave for the UK that you know all the important facts and tips on adapting to life as a student there. Your UKEAS counselor will be happy to help with this and before you depart for the UK will offer a complete Pre-Departure briefing that will advise you on what you need to know to settle more easily into the UK. UKEAS will also offer, in addition to our own pre-departure briefing booklet, other useful items for our students such as ISIC cards, SIM cards etc.

  • A full range of supporting services

    UKEAS offers a comprehensive service that extends beyond arriving in the UK. With our office in the UK run by Ms Su Hayter, there is always someone close to hand to offer further assistance should you need it. For further details on the comprehensive services that we provide, please click here.

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