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Founded in the fifteenth century, St. Andrews is Scotland’s first university and third oldest in the English speaking world, following Oxford and Cambridge. With over 600 years of academic excellence, consistently high student satisfaction and an academic staff to student ratio of around 1:12, it is no surprise that it is recognized as a world-class university in the league tables.


What else? Not only can St. Andrews provide you with an exceptionally strong academic program, it can definitely also offer a rich and diverse student life experience. Being home to over 140 different clubs and societies, ranging from Harry Potter & Quidditch, Investment, Fine Food & Dining, Filipino, Karaoke, and Greenpeace to more precisely focused ones like the Tunnocks Caramel Wafer Appreciation Society, it helps to bring together students socially, culturally, academically and even politically.


Students have also been recognized for their local and international charitable campaigns, raising over £100,000 annually through the work of different clubs and societies.


St. Andrews University was voted the best in Scotland and came third in the UK in The Best Clubs and Societies Awards 2015 run by which polled 5,000 students at 125 universities.


The Award judges said: “The Students' Association at St Andrews have cleverly implemented a unique system whereby there are nine sub-committees, or 'super-societies', of which all students are members – something you won't see in every university.


University of St. Andrews Proctor and Vice-Principal, Professor Lorna Milne, in charge of student life experience shared: “We’re absolutely delighted that the scale and variety of clubs and societies here have been recognized by this award – it’s a real credit to our students and the Students’ Association.


“We pride ourselves here on the exceptional quality and strength of our academic programs. We expect our students to work very hard, and it’s hugely encouraging that they are able to bring the same energy and imagination to extra-curricular activity and supporting others through charitable and voluntary work.”


Whether you’re a foodie, a fan of a book series, a geek in a specific subject area, a performer, an environmental activist or a volunteer passionate about helping less privileged people, you will definitely not feel left out with the wide range of clubs and societies you can join and be part of at the University of St. Andrews.

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